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    What are we treating?A.

    Herniated discs liberate toxic byproducts, which together with producing a mechanical pressure on the nerve, cause it to swell and lead to pain and neurological problems. We treat neck, back pain and leg pain from herniated discs and other disc conditions.

    Q?What is Ozonuleolysis?A.

    It is a procedure used to alleviate back, neck and leg pain by the injection of ozone in and around the disc.

    Q?Is ozone therapy safe?A.

    It is safe in hands of interventional Neuro radiologist. Ozone injections have been found to be an extremely safe form of treatment and are currently employed as the treatment of choice for disc herniation in many countries. The treatment is by and large free from the any side effects by the injection of ozone itself.

    Q?How does ozone work?A.

    When ozone is injected in disc space, there is production of antioxidant enzymes. These neutralize the toxic materials and cause shrinkage of the disc. Further, ozone dissolves in the water in the disc (that is 80% water). It affects the building blocks of the disc (proteoglycans) causing them to shrink thus reducing the disc volume and lessening pressure on the nerve.

    Q?What is Ozone?A.

    Ozone is a gas that normally exits in the atmosphere; it is produced by the effect of UV rays of sun’s the mixture of oxygen. Medical ozone is the mixture of oxygen and ozone, in variable concentrations according to how it is to be applied.