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    Ozone Cancer Treatment

    n cases when the illness of a patient is chronic, we at the Ozone Studio are likely to prescribe more than one form of the therapy. In addition to the chemotherapy, we also use one or more of the ozone methods that our practice offers. The most direct one is the injection of the oxygen through the blood system.

    Since the cancer cells are anaerobic, they instantly die when they get exposed to the oxygen. That is why this principle of the ozone therapy is based on the oxygen invasion of the blood. The most frequent method of preforming such procedures is by using an infusion bottle to remove an amount of blood from the blood system, after which the blood is satiated with oxygen, and then put back into the system.

    By raising the percentage of ozone in the organism, we ensure the probability that the cancer cells will all die out. We believe that such treatment of cancer cells increases the efficacy of the other, healthy cells in the tissue, in order to raise the energy level, as well as the levels of anti-oxidants and immune systems.

    The benefits of ozone therapy for the cancer patients are numerous, especially when it comes to the injection through the blood. Not only that it increases the blood and the oxygen delivery to the cells, tissues, and organs, but it also detoxifies the entire body, boosts the immune system, and also heals and sterilizes the external wounds.