Attended world congress of ozone therapy specialist from through out the world. Dr Shahzad karim was invited as guest speaker to give lecture of non surgical Treatment of back pain with ozone.

He presented data of 23000 patients of disc diseases treated with ozone injected in to the disc with out any anesthesia or surgery. He also attended advance course on cosmetic medicine with ozone conducted the famous cosmetic ozone specialist Dr. Marcello from Brazil.

He taught latest treatment of scars, freckles with ozone therapy with out any side effects. It is also possible to treat fat collection under skin (lipomas)and fat pads in abdomen and legs. Dr Shahzad karim is frequently visiting different countries of world to give his lectures on ozone therapy for treatment of pain and is sharing and updating his knowledge and skill regularly.

World Ozone Congress Los Vagus, USA, 11-13 May 2017